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Country Artist Jessee Gardiner aka “Redneck Roughneck” was raised in Manitoba, Canada. His family moved around a lot as he was growing up and it set a wonderful foundation for a childhood that was rich with different experiences laying a foundation for his songs.  He enjoyed spending time with his Grandparents Bobby and Eva Gardiner in the Qu’appelle Valley in St. Lazare Manitoba. Jessee and his siblings spent their time roaming the valley building forts, waking the river & fishing. Jessee was always an adventure seeker he was always outside riding his bike. Grandma Eva was a major influence in Jessee’s musical life.  Growing up he and his Grandmother would play her organ and sing together. At the age of ten his family settled in Saskatchewan. In middle school he started playing football and eventually went on to play football at the University of Saskatchwan while pursuing a Teaching Degree. Playing college ball was a dream come true. Eventually Jessee found himself a career that suited his love of the outdoors and his drive for success in the oilfield where he gained his nickname Redneck Roughneck.  When his son Bobby was born in 2013 his primary focus in life was to raise his son.  Being a father and working in the oilfield is challenging because you are working away in the oilfield half of your life. 

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